Ms. Ji

Ms. Ji, director of Los Altos Chinese School, holds a Master’s degree in Developmental and Child Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature with Teaching Certification from South China Normal University. She has invaluable Chinese teaching experience at schools in both China and US, ranging from elementary school to high school.

Ms. Ching

Ms. Ching has more than 10 years of experience teaching Chinese and Mandarin. Prior to joining LACS, Ms. Ching taught Chinese and Mandarin in an elementary school in Hong Kong. She received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, both in Education. She also completed a diploma course for Advanced Mandarin Trainers.
Ms. Ching believes motivation is the key to learning any languages. Her classes are designed to be fun, to cater for the needs, styles and abilities of students, with the aim of developing students' interest in Mandarin.

Ms. Cui

Ms. Cui is a Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction (K-12 education). She has been involved in teaching and research in the field of second language education and international/intercultural education for nearly ten years. She attends and presents in education-related conferences. Prior to joining LACS, Ms. Cui instructed courses for college students in Teacher Education Programs.

Ms. Chen

Ms. Chen has lots of experience in teaching Chinese and drawing. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Design from Sichuan Normal University. During the years in LACS, she organized the Lantern Festival Party and other events. Her artistic talent enriched her teaching.

Ms. Shan

Ms. Shan is teaching Chinese as a Second language Class(CSL). She got her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language(TESOL) from State University of New York at Albany. She got Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at Shanghai Normal University. In addition to solid professional education background, she also has a wealth of Chinese and ESL teaching experience. Her teaching strategies combine a variety forms, such as video, audio, games and other ways. These strategies make her Chinese class vivid and interesting.

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Ms. Zhou

Ms. Zhou graduated from Chinese Academy of Science and received EE master degree. She has engaged in Research and Education for 5 years. “I love working with children at LACS, teaching them Math and Chinese. I also love to find the way with them to solve math problem.”

Ms. Y. Chen

Ms. Chen graduated from Sichuan Normal University with a master's degree in English language and literature. She received her Teaching Qualification Certificate in China and has 6 years of experience in teaching English with students of varying ages from elementary to college students. She believes good teaching will help students and teachers progress together. She loves this magic of teaching. Ms. Chen's lessons are developed to ensure that her students acquire a second language in a fun and interesting manner.

Ms. Song

Ms. Song graduated from Hohai University (a designated “Project 211” institution) in
China and received her master’s degree in English language and literature. Ms. Song views teaching not only as a career, but also as a passion in her life. With her years of experience teaching at the high school and college level in Beijing, Ms. Song has gained valuable insight and experience into what it means to effectively teach and communicate with students.

Ms. Huang

Ms Huang graduated from an university in China with a BS in Computer Science degree. She is currently studying for an Early Childhood Education degree at Foothill College. Having engaged in five years of teaching experience, her teaching philosophy is to help students learn happily and apply it in their daily lives.

Ms. Lu

Ms. Ye

Ms. Ye graduated from Changchun Normal University with a major in Chinese Language and Literature in 2006. After receiving her degree, she taught Chinese in Beijing. Ms. Ye is passionate about teaching Chinese and enjoys seeing her students improve and increase their Chinese language skills as well as gain knowledge about Chinese history and culture.